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Link CCTV completes retail security upgrade

by Andy Clutton

In a 12-week project, Link CCTV Systems undertook the task of upgrading the security systems at Nottingham’s Victoria Centre retail premises. The project aimed to modernise the surveillance systems, central to which was the integration of Pelco technology for every aspect of the Victoria Centre’s CCTV infrastructure.

170 new cameras were deployed by Link CCTV to replace the legacy analogue cameras on site, while 39 existing cameras were retained and integrated into the new Pelco Video Expert system, maximising the original investment the site made in 2019.

To support the upgrade, new data cabling was installed which will provide a long-lasting and high-speed backbone for the centre. From static to PTZ cameras, servers, and workstations, Pelco’s equipment enhanced the surveillance capabilities of the shopping centre and ensuring precise monitoring and swift response to any incidents.

A feature of the project was the build of a bespoke control room tailored to the specific needs of the Victoria Centre. The works consisted of constructing a new working space including partition walls, carpets and furnishing. A new dedicated and bespoke CCTV desk was also introduced as part of the overall project, complimenting the new LED lighting and monitor wall, enabling security personnel to monitor the entire premises in real-time.


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