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Jewellery thief stopped by locked door

by Andy Clutton

[youtube height=”350″ width=”600″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-4iFgWgM18[/youtube]

This CCTV footage shows the moment a thief in Thailand tries to flee with a gold chain only to be stopped by a locked door. The video courtesy of Viral Press shows Suphachai Panthong walking into the jewellery shop in Choburi in November and asking to try on a gold chain worth 500GBP. He spent a moment getting comfortable with it around his neck, before suddenly turning on his heels and sprinting towards the exit. Unfortunately for him the jewellery shop had already catered for such a move with automated door locking. The footage was enough to make the would-be criminal confess and police are prosecuting.

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