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Integrating Panasonic AI cameras and applications

by Andy Clutton

The i-PRO Multi-AI System from Panasonic is designed to integrate its AI cameras and applications into existing CCTV infrastructures. Available free-of-charge, the plug-in software allows users to manage the AI analytics from multiple i-PRO cameras, alongside a VMS.

The i-PRO Multi-AI System is fully integrated with the latest version of Genetec Security Center (V5.10.1)as well as the in-house VMS Video Insight.

The system works by using i-PRO AI-capable cameras with edge analytics, and plug-ins on the VMS server and client side. The i-PRO Multi-AI System captures and filters the Best Shot images and metadata based on deep learning from the AI camera to enable accurate analysis. The data can be used for AI-based detection and alarms, watch-list monitoring and post event searches in order to enhance the capabilities of the CCTV infrastructure.

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