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Hikvision reveals 46.97% yearly growth rate

by Andy Clutton

Company building 1Hikvision has announced its preliminary earnings results for the full-year 2015, with revenues of US$3.88 billion, amounting to a 46.97% growth rate year on year.

Cynthia He, vice president at Hikvision, says there were a number of significant factors behind the company’s sustained growth: “Our ongoing investment into research and development is a crucial component of our growth. Each year Hikvision invests 7% to 8% of our sales revenue into R&D, focusing on product innovation and our comprehensive and industry-leading product development system.

“We have an ever-expanding network of domestic and international business contacts, which allow us to keep in touch with the market and make decisions based on the practical requirements of customers worldwide. And our range of total solutions for vertical industries means we can cater to a huge variety of specialist applications.

“In 2016, Hikvision intends to continue with this momentum, with an ongoing emphasis on developing new partnerships, further business expansion, and continuous product innovation.”

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