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Have your say on apprenticeship proposals

by Andy Clutton

FSA logoThe Fire and Security Association (FSA) and SummitSkills will run a webinar on May 26th to discuss proposals for a fire, security and emergency systems apprenticeship.

The proposals part of the Government’s ‘Trailblazer’ initiative, which focuses on employer-designed apprenticeship standards to ensure apprentices’ training and assessment directly meets industry and business needs. Once launched, the new standard will replace the current industry apprenticeship framework, and is designed to be a short, easy to understand document that describes the full level of skill, knowledge and competency required for the occupation.

The webinar, part of an ongoing consultation into the draft standard, will provide an opportunity for employers to comment on the apprenticeship proposals. Employers will be given a chance to ask questions and voice their thoughts on the draft standard before the submission is sent in to Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) in June.

Steve Martin, Head of the FSA, says: “This is a chance for the employers who aren’t involved with the Trailblazer programme to review and critique the draft standard before it is submitted to BIS so that as many employers as possible have the opportunity to provide input into what they want our industry’s apprenticeship to look like.”

He continues: Those employers involved in the Trailblazer project have worked to ensure we have an apprenticeship framework that reflects the skills they feel their businesses need, and this is an opportunity to see whether the rest of the industry agree with what’s being proposed or whether any amends need to be made. I hope that anyone interested in this issue will be able find the time to take part in the webinar and provide their views on the proposals.”

To book a place for the webinar visit here

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