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The Customer 

The Groupama group, one of the largest mutual insurance groupsin France, develops insurance, banking and services activities in eleven countries. Heavily involved in the prevention and protection of property and persons, Groupama has been distributing the brand Activeille since the 1990s.

The Situation

Located in Noisy-Le-Grand, the Groupama offices, built in the 1970s and spanning two buildings, comprise eight floors and three basements including offices and kitchens, among other facilities. Nearly 1000 people move around the site each day, covering a surface area of 40,000 m2. The offices are located near the “Les Arcades” shopping centre , with retail space of 56,000 m2, and which welcomes 12.5 million visitors per year. Risk preventing on this site is therefore twofold: involving that of the employees and members of Groupama, but also those using the public areas, particularly the esplanade located between the two Groupama buildings and which is also used by customers in the shopping centre.

In 2011, the security system having become obsolete and no longer responding to security standards for such a site, Activeille, the services company of the Groupama group specialising in the telemonitoring of property and premises, recommended that the entire security system be modernised.

“We had to completely rethink the security system on the site, while adhering to APSAD certification standards. We had no video surveillance system, only an intrusion detection system. We wanted to put in place a comprehensive solution that would allow us to see the entire site,” explains Christophe PILLET.

The Solution

Implementation of the new security system was subject to a preliminary assessment carried out by Activeille, taking into account the client’s needs and particular features of the site. Following this assessment, an invitation to tender was launched in order to choose the most suitable solution. This solution had to allow us to combine video protection with the intrusion detection system.

The decision was taken to choose Honeywell’s solutions.

“With the buildings being relatively large, we had to find technology that enabled us to secure all of the premises while controlling the number of security guards. The Honeywell solution allowed us to respond to all these challenges by combining the intrusion detection system and Galaxy® Dimension access control with Network Video Recorders (NRVs) from the Fusion range”, adds Christophe PILLET.

The Advantages

  • Optimal security over the entire site
    Given the surface area, location and multi-site infrastructure, Activeille therefore had certain requirements for the security system. It was looking for a solution providing remote, centralised management from security posts. It was also important to respond to the needs of security teams, these being to improve their safety and increase their autonomy, particularly at night when the number of guards was reduced.

    Activeille therefore installed the integrated intrusiondetection and Galaxy® Dimension access control solution covering more than 200 detection points and six Fusion NRVs at two telemonitoring posts. The recorders managed 80 IP cameras, including two mobile domes.

    Security guards can now monitor a scene remotely from PC screens, which reduces the number of interventions made alone on site, thereby improving their own safety and saving time.

    “the security system is like a second person” says a security guard.

    Christophe PILLET adds

    “The detection system is integrated with the video surveillance system, so when triggered, the verification image is sent directly to the telemonitoring post, making it possible to manage the situation quickly, securely and effectively.”

  • A comprehensive security solution with the possibility of large-scale customisation 
    The Honeywell intrusion-detection system makes it possible to define autonomous groups.

    “On this site we have identified up to 16 groups, enabling us to programme and activate the alarm in a section of the building at certain times, while keeping other areas operational. The security systems evolves 24/7 depending on which parts of the building are occupied.

    As an example, when the company’s restaurant is closed, the alarm and intrusion-detection systems are automatically activated. This unique, integrated system solution is really easy to use, programme and activate”, explains Christophe PILLET.

  • A reliable and certified security system
    The new security system has been designed to be APSAD R81 certified, made possible thanks to the NF&A2P 3-shield certified Honeywell Galaxy Dimension solution. APSAD R81 is an installation rule that defines minimal technical requirements and methods for implementing automatic detection systems designed to detect and warn of the approach, penetration and/or movement of an intruder in the areas being monitored.

    “To do this, we have fitted opening-detector systems on the main entrances and emergency exits and a motion detector, providing double detection. In the event of an alarm, we have the opening detector which can trigger moving cameras.

    Added to this is video surveillance, where cameras are automatically triggered to see the monitored area using cameras corresponding to the entrance.

    We can thereby verify the source and cause easily and quickly. The risk of false alarms is reduced and the reliability of the system reinforced”, notes Christophe PILLET.

A partner of choice

Groupama, one of the largest mutual insurance groups in France. Launched at the start of the 1990s, Activeille is a subsidiary company of the Groupama group, specialising in the telemonitoring of property and premises. It carries out its activity in partnership with a large network of security guards spread throughout France.

Designed for businesses, towns and professionals, Activeille offers customised installation with the option to purchase or rent surveillance equipment, as well as remote surveillance solutions (24/7) including intervention and maintenance services.

A subsidiary offering a property telemonitoring service to protect homes and professional premises (40,000 customers). The telemonitoring service combines intrusion detection, dissuasion and alarms, home monitoring and intervention at the location of the incident.

Christophe PILLET concludes

“the implementation of this Honeywell system has allowed us to reliably secure the entire site and all staff,as well as shopping centre customers who frequently use the esplanade, an area monitored by Activeille.

Installing security cameras in this location has significantly reduced cases of vandalism and damage. We have extended the Galaxy® Dimension solution to other Group buildings, and for video surveillance, Honeywell’s Fusion NVRs and IP cameras. We also offer Honeywell solutions to our clients.

For businesses with complex sites, we install the same system: for residential properties and small businesses, we recommend Honeywell’s radio-technology solution Domonial.”

The Products

  • Galaxy Dimension Solution
  • Fusion Network Video Recorders
  • IP Domes

Groupama – Case Study (PDF)

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