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Fire variants of signalling solutions announced

by Andy Clutton

CSL has announced the arrival of the new EN54-certified DualCom Pro 2 Fire variants, the DigiAir Pro 2 Fire and GradeShift Pro 2 Fire.

The new variants enable devices to signal alerts directly to a professional monitoring station 24/7 when the premises is left unattended.

DigiAir Pro 2 Fire offers a wireless single-path solution, whilst GradeShift Pro 2 Fire offers dual-path, dual-radio signalling via two separate radio modules. Both solutions come with multiple 4G WorldSIMs, whilst the wireless signalling options mean the installation is not limited to the infrastructure of the premises.

Rob Evans, CSL Sales Director, commented: “The demand for EN54 certified signalling products that offer flexible installs, increased reliability, and cost-effectiveness has grown throughout the industry. We have been thrilled with how Installers have received our current Fire range of products, and we expect the same positive reception for DualCom Pro 2 Fire variants”.

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