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Expandable video storage with app access

by Andy Clutton

f-NVR216_frontSynology has unveiled the NVR216 with expandable storage for surveillance footages and mobile apps for remote access. NVR216 is equipped with a dedicated 1080p HDMI port that makes it easy to connect with a monitor and display up to nine channels at 720p/30FPS of surveillance feeds without a computer. A range of ports, including USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, enables NVR216 to connect to a mouse and keyboard to navigate between different camera streams and management tools.

Designed for low power consumption, NVR216 consumes 14W while providing nine channels of camera streaming and continuous recording. When surveillance footages take more space, NVR216 can be scaled up to four drives by connecting it to an expansion unit DX213.

Through Surveillance Station, users are able to leverage Live View panel with on-screen operations to monitor video streams from multiple IP cameras, take advantage of the Timeline panel to select a date and time and then play back recordings from multiple channels at on once, and set up smart analytics tools, such as Motion detection, to catch suspicious behaviour.

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