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Dennis Roe completes first FESS EWA

by Andy Clutton

A security system installer in South Wales is the first to be recognised by the FESS (Security Systems) Experienced Worker Assessment.

Developed by BPEC, the Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) provides a route for experienced professionals to demonstrate they meet the same standard as the Fire, Emergency & Security Systems industry apprenticeship in England and, importantly, gain Electrotechnical Certification Scheme FESS Technician status. Pathways are available in both fire and security systems to allow individuals to follow an assessment process tailored to their line of work.

Dennis Roe, who owns Complete Security Solutions and has worked in the industry for 28 years, attended Banham Academy’s Assessment Centre in Derby, undertook a practical assessment of his skills across service and repair, installation, testing and commissioning. A professional discussion and knowledge assessment was also carried out as part of the process.

Speaking of his assessment, Dennis said: “Initially I felt apprehensive, but the process and environment put me at ease immediately. The assessments were challenging and thorough, allowing me to demonstrate my experience and industry expertise. The completion of this assessment allowed me to obtain my ECS FESS Technician Gold Card, I know this will be something regulators will be checking in the very near future.”

“The first completion of the FESS EWA fire pathway and this award win are both important milestones for BPEC,” said Neil Collishaw, BPEC CEO. “BPEC developed the EWA program to meet the Hackett report’s key recommendations and set a benchmark in knowledge, expertise, and competence in the FESS arena. Our aim was simple but significant: bridging the competency evidence gap between seasoned professionals and newly qualified FESS Technicians.”

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