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Contactless access control is enhanced

by Andy Clutton

GAI-TRONICS has added temperature sensing to the HUBBCOM family of products facilitating a contactless check-in process for employees and authorised visitors in a building.

When an authorised user walks into a business’s vestibule/lobby, their access card is scanned and they are prompted to align their face with the template that appears on the screen. Body temperature is read within 2-5 seconds and, if a satisfactory temperature is detected, access is granted. Access to a building is denied if an irregular body temperature is detected. An email report of the body temperature and photo are sent to a pre-determined individual (security personnel or facility operations management etc).

What makes the system different is that the HUBBCOM devices provide numerous functionalities from access control and point-to-point audio/video intercom to SIP telephony and facility-wide or zoned broadcasting and alarm generation. Temperature sensing is an option offered on models (GSC1100TS, GSC2100TS, GSC3100TS and GSC4100TS).

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