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Consumer survey reveals burglary concerns

by Andy Clutton

Research commissioned by ERA, in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, found that internet-connected security solutions are gaining popularity with homeowners.

The study, which garnered more than 18,000 responses, found that 39% of Neighbourhood Watch members are using external security cameras and 30% have video doorbells to serve as visible deterrents against anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and burglaries.

This follows news from the Neighbourhood Watch’s Crime and Community survey which found that 64% of UK residents are worried about their homes being broken into and that over half of respondents believe that crime has increased in their local area.

With a burglary taking place in the UK approximately every 106 seconds, it ranks within the top five of the country’s most common crimes, which is why prevention remains a key focus for Neighbourhood Watch.

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch, says: “The results from the National Crime and Community Survey show that burglary remains a key concern for people in the UK. However, there are several simple and proven measures that we can all take to help prevent burglaries which include securing your home’s windows and doors at all times and looking out for your neighbours.

“It is interesting to see that homeowners are now also looking at smart home security solutions to support them in protecting their properties and we expect interest in this area to grow, as homeowners become more accustomed to using smart home technology and familiar with its many benefits.”

Sumier Foster-Shah, Product and Customer Support Manager at ERA, commented: “With continued concern about local crime, it’s timely for window and door manufacturers to share security advice with customers and recommend certified, smart solutions, given the increase in the popularity of smart technology.”

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