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CIE Group becomes authorised VOLO distributor

by Andy Clutton

CIE Group has announced a strategic partnership with VOLO.

 Through this agreement, CIE Group will become an authorised distributor of VOLO’s access control platform, offering a solution for businesses and organisations seeking to enhance security, streamline access management, and gain valuable insights into their physical spaces.

 “Working with CIE is a really exciting proposition for us,” says Dean Kernot of VOLO. “Together we can push boundaries and achieve something beyond what either company could achieve alone.”

 This strategic partnership offers an opportunity for organisations to achieve a security and efficiency boost. By leveraging the combined expertise of CIE and VOLO, organisations can look forward to an improved user experience for both employees and visitors through this user-friendly system. In particular, the elimination of on-premise hardware and software translates into cost savings allowing organisations to reinvest financial resources into their core areas of operation.

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