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Access control improvements at primary school

by Andy Clutton

Orchard Primary SchoolDelta Security has supplied and installed an EntrySign visitor and employee management system into Hackney-based Orchard Primary School.

With 478 pupils, Orchard Primary School is a relatively large school and Shumon Miah, School Office Manager, says he was looking to improve the time-consuming manual entry system: “We wanted a modern system that would look professional in our foyer and provide easy, quick and secure access for visitors and employees.

“We’ve received numerous positive comments from visitors on the new EntrySign system, which has been branded to match the school’s identity,” continues Shumon. “Particularly useful is its ability to pre-register guests, providing faster access and significantly enhanced security. For example, with supply agency teachers, the agency gives us a photograph and a unique code that we can upload to the system and use to grant access.”

Shumon adds that the touch screen worked far better than other systems he tested and that the back-office ease-of-use was his primary reason for choosing the technology: “The numerous reporting and data storage functions are intuitive and accessible at the touch of a button.”

Dave Mundy, Operations Director at Delta Security, says the EntrySign system is ideal for the primary school environment: “We can tailor the system to work with existing ID and access control systems, reducing installation costs, an important factor with public sector budgets. Most importantly in a primary school, of course, is that it’s a system that will reliably inform on who is on site at any one time and that only those meant to be there are granted access.”

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