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3M announces fire suppression CPD

by Andy Clutton

3MCPD3M has announced that it has become a member of the Construction CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service and now offers a one-hour CPD certified training course covering the topic of Sustainable Fire Suppression options.  The aim is to support buyers, designers and providers of fire suppression systems, by presenting information about clean agent fire suppression options, taking into account the changing regulatory landscape.

3M is offering the CPD training session as a Lunch and Learn meeting, where attendees will earn one CPD credit as part of their on-going professional development.

Simon Mitchell, Key Account Manager for the Electronics Materials Solution Division said: “Fire suppression is a necessity for organisations of all kinds, to protect human life and to protect valuable equipment and other assets.  However, recent environmental legislative changes, and the need to ensure that the right system is installed for the right application, means that fire suppression can quickly become a confusing and complex topic.  Our aim is to simplify and improve understanding, both for users and providers.”

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